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Inspired by the delicate balance between day and night, between yesterday and tomorrow.

Statera is a non-alcoholic spirit that helps you keep your balance and enjoy the moment without moderation.

Hand-crafted distilled from quality gin aromatics, Statera is a functional alternative containing electrolytes to promote hydration.

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  • Balanced alternative

    The Mindful Choice from Morning to Evening, Embrace the Present Moment to the Fullest

  • Traditionally crafted

    Serve 2 oz over ice elongated with a tonic, soda or in the same proportions as a classic gin to fully enjoy.

  • Functionnal Spirit

    Statera contains electrolytes with hydrating properties

Great with cocktails

Discover the good taste of balance with these exclusive pairings developed by masters of the cocktail universe.
Montagnes Statera Montagnes Statera cloud Montagnes Statera cloud 2


Because our decisions always have an impact, we donate 1% of all Statera sales to organizations that, like us, care about the environment and work for the good of our planet.

We believe in making conscious, responsible choices for future generations, and our decisions are based on these core values. Help us make a difference!

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