Discovery pack

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Discovery Pack

Proudly crafted in Quebec, this Gin & Tonic, London Mule, Grapefruit Mimosa and Tonic Water will allow you to discover our complete range of ready-to-drink products.

Our non-alcoholic gin and tonic offers a perfect combination of botanical aromatics, carbonated water and natural flavors. Enjoy it as is for a refreshing experience, or add a slice of lemon, lime or cucumber for a personal touch.

Our London Mule embodies the perfect balance between the spiciness of ginger and the freshness of lime. Carefully crafted for a fresh and effervescent experience, our London Mule is ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Our non-alcoholic Grapefruit Mimosa is made from natural ingredients to provide a perfectly balanced tasting experience. Each can of our non-alcoholic Grapefruit Mimosa offers a harmony of refreshing flavors made from natural aromas. Whether for a quiet evening at home or to celebrate special occasions, our non-alcoholic Grapefruit Mimosa is the perfect choice for lovers of fine and refined flavors.

Juniper Berry Tonic Water adds a sophisticated touch to your tasting moments. Whether savored on its own or incorporated into your favorite cocktails, it offers a refined and refreshing experience.

The 4-product box includes 1 Grapefruit Mimosa, 1 Gin & Tonic, 1 London Mule and 1 Tonic Water.

The 12-product box includes 3 Grapefruit Mimosa, 3 Gin & Tonic, 3 London Mule and 3 Tonic Water.

The 24-product box includes 6 Grapefruit Mimosa, 6 Gin & Tonic, 6 London Mule and 6 Tonic Water.

355ml / 12oz

    Cocktail creations

    Use our alcoholic-free gin Statera as an alcoholic gin substitute in your traditional cocktails or enjoy one of our delicious creations.