London Mule

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A Unique Ready-to-Taste Experience

Proudly crafted in Quebec from natural ingredients, our alcohol-free London Mule embodies the perfect balance between the spiciness of ginger and the freshness of lime.

Discover the refreshing elegance of the London Mule, a mocktail blending the purity of alcohol-free Statera gin with the zest of ginger and the freshness of lime. This beverage provides a balanced taste experience, perfect for brightening up your festive moments. A timeless classic that epitomizes the perfect alliance between bold flavors and exquisite simplicity.

Carefully crafted for a fresh and effervescent experience, our London Mule is ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime. Refresh your day with our London Mule, a classic taste with a touch of modernity.

355ml / 12oz

    Cocktail creations

    Use our alcoholic-free gin Statera as an alcoholic gin substitute in your traditional cocktails or enjoy one of our delicious creations.