About Statera

"Balance is not something you find, but something you create." (Thomas M. Sterner)

Our story

It is for the sake of balance that in 2021, Jean-Philip Paradis, François-Jérôme Goselin, Pierre-Olivier Brassard and Philippe Paquet-De Varennes are officially launching Statera, an alcohol-free spirit distilled by hand from quality gin aromatics.

In 2023, Statera enthusiastically welcomes Lysandre Nadeau to its team, thus enriching their collective with her inspiring experience and valuable expertise. This collaboration coincides with a significant event for Lysandre, as she proudly celebrates three years of sobriety.

This personal step reinforced her connection to Statera's values and confirmed for her that joining the company was the obvious choice to pursue her career. Lysandre brings a genuine perspective and deep passion to her role, helping to further Statera's mission to provide refined alcohol-free alternatives accessible to all.

Our mission

Our mission is to redefine the non-alcoholic beverage experience by offering exceptional products that combine taste perfection, refinement, and balance. We are committed to carefully selecting the highest quality ingredients and setting ourselves apart through our innovations. Our alcohol-free distillation process carried out with expertise and passion, preserves the characteristic aromas and flavors of traditional spirits.

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Our values

We embody the core values of innovation, quality and affordability. As a Quebec non-alcoholic spirits company, Statera pushes the boundaries of the industry by offering innovative and unique flavors. The commitment to quality is reflected in every product, using carefully selected ingredients and rigorous production methods, allowing everyone to enjoy an exceptional tasting experience.

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Our commitment

At Statera Spirits, ecological values are at the heart of our decisions, with a view to preserving the planet for the future. We are members of the 1% for the Planet collective, and we invest 1% of our annual turnover in environmental projects. This contribution supports initiatives to combat climate change and other environmental issues. Together, let's work for a greener and more sustainable future.

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